Privacy Attack On IoT; a Systematic Literature Review

Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that is a daily necessity for humans. Unfortunately, so far, the IoT still disables privacy for various reasons. This circumstance has intrigued many researchers to conduct research related to IoT and privacy. A large amount of research on this topic causes new problems about the way to find the novelty from existing gaps. This research was conducted using Systematic Literature Review (SLR), which explains the answers for four Research Question (RQ), i.e., (1) What challenges did cause the privacy of the IoT exposed? (2) Apart from privacy, what did other aspects of security compromised? (3) What did attack the IoT which have been previously researched? State the name of the attack that occurred! And (4) What solutions were offered by previous researchers? This study uses the PRISMA statement as a reference so that this paper is transparent. This research uses ACM and science direct as a journal database. The results showed that the majority of articles answered the challenge about "Lack of security protocol" (RQ1); 61 of 88 papers marked confidentiality as a gap (RQ2); Side-channel attack was the most frequently discussed attacks (RQ4); and each researcher had the unique solution to solve the problem.

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