Human-Machine Interface for water quality monitoring system of white-legged shrimp pond

In general, this paper proposes the water quality monitoring system in white-legged shrimp ponds with the aim to improve production and cut the cost of maintenance. In particular, it addresses one of the main parts of the system, the HMI. HMI functions to receive data from the RPM measurement. Then, display the values on LCD and status of values whether normal or not by the color of LED. Also, display the status of value with and minus-sign for abnormal condition and plus-sign for the normal condition on LCD. The component condition of HMI represented by LED color. Besides, HMI also stores the measurement results to SD card, and give feedback an alarm signal and SMS if there is a condition that value passes the normal limit. In this paper, the discussion focus lies in the specification, design, implementation, and testing of HMI system. Based on the results of implementation and testing, obtained throughout the components contained in the HMI worked well. They work based on their specifications and design. At the end of the explanation, there is some suggestion for next developments, namely, add more LED on the LED-sensor-board and LED-component-board, improve the received SMS, and provide keypad. Develop algorithms that can adjust date and time manually, handle storing some phone numbers, and manage the SMS sending to those numbers.

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